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Improved passive component tolerances
A 1 PPM temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO)
HF mode via direct sampling built in (can tune down to 500 kHz unlike basic RTL-SDR's which can only go to 24 MHz)
SMA F connector
Software activatable 4.5v bias tee circuit
Improved PCB design for lower noise and less spurs
A USB noise choke, more bypass capacitors, and built in ferrites for less PC noise
Improved ESD protection (additional ESD diode and extra ESD discharge paths)
An improved front end circuit designed for wideband use (other models still use a circuit designed for DVB-T only)
Several breakout pads on the PCB for advanced users
This is an RTL-SDR software defined radio receiver with RTL2832U ADC chip, R820T2 tuner, 1PPM TCXO, SMA F connector and aluminium case with passive cooling. Tunes from 500 kHz to 1.7 GHz with up to 3.2 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth (2.4 MHz max stable, 3.2 MHz if your application is tolerant to USB drops). (HF works in direct sampling mode - V.3 models and above only). Perfect for use as a computer based radio scanner with free software like SDR#, HDSDR, SDR-Radio, Linrad, GQRX or SDR Touch on Android. Works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and even embedded Linux computers like the Raspberry Pi.
The Dipole antenna kit is perfect for helping beginners get great reception. The short antennas are great for ADS-B, and the longer antennas work well at the lower frequencies. When used in a V-Dipole configuration the antenna is an excellent option for 137 MHz satellites such as NOAA/Meteor M2 weather and the ISS. In the vertical configuration it is great for terrestrial signals. The two mounts allow you to easily mount the antenna outdoors for best reception. Please note that you should not use the antenna permanently outdoors or during bad weather. It is designed for portable temporary outdoor use. For using custom antennas note that this dongle has an SMA F connector (not RP-SMA).
This model has several key improvements over other models. It uses the improved R820T2 tuner, has a 1PPM TCXO (2 PPM initial offset, 1 PPM temperature drift), has improved component tolerances and an SMA F connector. It also comes with a software activatable bias-tee circuit for powering external devices such as LNA's and active antennas. It also has HF reception capabilities. Most standard RTL-SDR dongles can tune down to 24 MHz at the lowest. This model has hardware that unlocks the "direct sampling mode", and allows for tuning down to 500 kHz. There is a built in 25 MHz low pass filter for optimizing this mode.
Various other improvements over other models have also been applied. For example a choke has been added on the USB line and additional bypass capacitors and power line ferrites have been added for reduced internal & PC noise, the PCB has been redesigned for significantly lower noise performance, ESD protection has been improved, the front end circuit has been optimized for wideband use (other models are still optimized for DVB-T frequencies), the LDO has been upgraded, and several break out pads have been added for advanced users.
Requires USB 2.0 (works on most USB 3.0 ports, but we cannot guarantee it to work on all so please ensure your PC has a USB 2.0 port just in case). Installation on Windows is simple, please Google for the RTL-SDR Blog Quickstart guide

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