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1.1. Feature
★ Switch power supply o be adopted , wide applicable voltage range, high frequency, low heat, safe and reliable.
★ No sound without signal and automatically turning off if no signal input for ten minutes.
★ Designed with audio and video input and output and RF output Interface.
★Appearance is of novelty style, small size, light weight, beautiful-looking, convenient  and functional.
★ Set with plug which TV set will be turned off(some the products have not the function).
★ Elegant English menu display. Remote controller can adjust all parameters. Also you can use remote controller to turn on or turn off the unit.
★ Be able to receive and store 250 channel TV programs, adapt to the need of future network of cable TV station.
★ Clock function. When you only use remote controller to turn off TV ,There will be a electronic clock on the right corner of TV to be display which you can be timing to turn on TV ,remind and change TV channel.
★ Function for locking for children. Program which is not suitable for children can be coded and locked.
★ Several kinds of functions for quick program search in many areas.
★ PLL full implement tuner. Program will never change and disappear automatically.

1.2 Contents of package
808 full intelligent digital program selector one set
Remote controller   one piece
User manual       one piece

1.3 Technical specification
Receipt scope: 45MHZ-870MHZ
Program storage: 256   TV system : PAL, NTSC, SECAM
Video output: 1vp-p   Voltage scope: AV110V-AC240W
Audio output:-6db   power consumption: less than 5w

1.4 Connection diagram

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